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Corporate Flowers

There may be several reasons why your business may send corporate flower arrangements and floral gifts. The most notable examples are:

  • To enhance your reception area
  • For special events and open days
  • To thank clients and customers
  • You send lots of flowers and would like a consolidated invoice
  • To encourage or apply for new contracts & business
  • To reward employees
  • For staff incentives (births, congratulations, birthdays, get well etc.)

Here at Lesley Thomas Flowers we can help you do that and at the same time our aim is to make the process of ordering corporate flowers as easy as possible for you. If you set up a monthly credit account, you'll receive a copy of every order, a delivery confirmation, monthly invoices and payment receipts, all by email. You, or authorised users are also able to place your own orders online and therefore add to your monthly flower account. We'll email you every month with your bill and you can either pay on a company credit card or by BACS payment.

Flowers for your customers - Enhancing your corporate image

It's far easier to keep your existing customers than to try and acquire new ones, so keep in contact with a delivered flower arrangement. Send them a stunning bouquet from our range of flowers to show you appreciate your business partnership. If something has gone wrong, you may want to send them flowers to show you are truly sorry. Build loyalty and corporate image with your customers and business partners by sending them a gorgeous floral gift. Why not send them our stunning flowers to show how much you value their business and spruce up their office premises all in one go. Sending flowers is the perfect way to attract a potential client’s attention and leave a long lasting impression. At Lesley Thomas Flowers, we're here to meet all your corporate needs so please feel free to contact us for ideas on how we can help your business.

Your staff are your most important asset!

Valued members of staff still need to feel appreciated, so why not show your employees how valuable they are to you? A great way to show you care and appreciate their efforts. You could send flowers to say 'Thank You' for finishing that all important project, to say 'Congratulations' when they need a boost, deliver flowers to hope they 'Get well soon', commiserate when they've had some bad news and of course say 'Happy Birthday'. Delivered flowers are still an unexpected surprise and are always lovely to receive, especially if they wouldn't consider buying flowers for themselves. If someone has gone above and beyond the call of duty why not show them how much you appreciate them. We have hundreds of different bouquets and arrangements for your business to choose from - we hope you find something you like.

Flowers for your office reception

Lesley Thomas Flowers can create bespoke arrangements on a weekly / fortnightly basis for your office reception area. We can arrange your flowers in a vase, in company colours or indeed you can give us free reign to design something new, fresh and exciting each week! See the image gallery above for examples of some of our work.

Flowers for your pub or restaurant

Low cost, low maintenance table vase displays can be produced for weekly or fortnightly delivery within our local area. We can also provide fresh cut flowers in wholesale quantities with discounted prices if you would like to create them yourself. Please contact us for details.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements with the experts and we can quickly set up a 30 day credit account.

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